Chris Chambers

  • Hobby Web Development
    1996 - Present

    Web development is my life. It all started way, way back before the turn of the century (hah, true though). I have always been into figuring out how things work and the internet has always been full of interesting things to take apart.

    Fast forward some 20 years, and I still find myself dissecting the internet and creating awesome things. I use my spare time to mentor others and stay on the bleeding edge of web development.

    I will program until I physically cannot! I love watching things come together right in front of my eyes.

  • Agencies and Freelance
    2002 - 2012

    I have worked through a LOT of agencies in the past for many clients.

    From 2002-2003 I worked for Triangle Webnet (now TriTechDirect) in Raleigh, NC. This was my first job out of high school.

    Other agencies and/or companies I have worked for: Paramount Parks, Caffeine Labs, Red Storm Entertainment, ISD, ATOMIC Entertainment, Turnkey/Matchstick Media, Leafguard, Cedar, JAMPC, CyberDen Systems, The Agency, Aquent, and more...

  • Corporate Web Experience
    2013 - present

    For three years (2013 - 2016), I was a Senior Web Presentation Architect at Ally Financial where I developed landing pages, applications, APIs, and a responsive framework.

    I am currently a Senior Developer at TIAA.

    I was a Front End Engineer at Bank of America during 2016 and early 2017.

    Banks and insurance companies are the top of the food chain around here. I love my job and the people I work with.

  • Hobby Game Development
    2006 - Present

    Game development is another facet of my skillset that I believe lends a lot to my web development talents. I went to school for User Interface design, 3d Modeling/Animation, Simulation and Game Engine Design/Development. I use those skills to create immersive web apps with rich interactions that keep the end user engaged.

  • What else?
    1983 - Present

    I am a jack of many trades. I am a percussionist, a cook, a mechanic, and an inventor. I have been a game tester for multiple companies, a travelling casino game technician, and a record-destroying Carowinds game barker. I have played drums for/with many bands, friends, and thousands of complete strangers.

    ... but it all comes back to the web.


  • HTML5 [semantic]
  • CSS3 [modular]
  • JavaScript [immaculate]
    • nodeJS and WebSockets
    • Angular, Backbone, Ember
  • PHP
  • Ruby (+Rails)

Data Storage

  • MySQL (tables)
  • MongoDB (objects)
  • Redis (key->val)


  • Any Editor: VS Code, Sublime, Atom, Brackets, Notepad, etc.
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Heroku
  • Repos: Git (github, gitlabs, bitbucket), SVN
  • Tracking: Github, Gitlabs, Jira, Gemini, Mantis, Bugzilla
  • Graphics: Illustrator, Fireworks, Photoshop
  • Marketing: Adobe Target
  • CMS: Tridion, WordPress, and more. I have built many custom solutions.
  • Audio/Video Production: Premier, After-Effects, Soundbooth, InDesign, Vegas, FL Studio, Flash
  • 3D: Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Blender
  • OS: Windows, Linux, OSX
  • Game Engines: Unreal, Unity, Source, Torque
This website runs on basicss, by me!
Contact me anytime: cchambers@gmail